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Asics Dynaflyte 4 Black/Sheet Rock

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Asics Dynaflyte 4 Black/Sheet Rock

Mesajde tlqv9yuu » Mie Sep 30, 2020 9:52 am


Running shoes don’t always feel the colorswonder.com way you’d expect based on their weight, stiffness, or other metrics. But the DynaFlyte 3 is quite predictable and how it feels on the road matches the numbers we got from the RW Shoe Lab. As an Asics shoe, we expected it to be stiff (it is), responsive (also true), and form-fitting in the midfoot (also accurate).

The Asics Shoes New Model delivers a neutral ride but not everyone who ran in it loved the fit. Some described the shoe as narrow throughout, some called it “snug and comfortable,” and others found only the the toebox roomy. We’d advise you try it on, especially if you have a wider foot. The one-piece mesh upper is surprisingly structured yet lightweight, and the lack of overlays means less potential areas of irritation.

As a neutral runner, the Asics Dynaflyte 4 Black/Sheet Rock doesn’t have a ton of stability features, but most of our wear testers felt that the shoe offered plenty of inherent stability. “There is ample cushioning from heel to toe for a soft landing, but still lots of bounce as you move through your stride, making it great for a tempo run,” said one.

Take A Look at the rumored colorway below. Are you Looking Forward to these? Let us know your thoughts.

labagiu începător
labagiu începător
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Re: Asics Dynaflyte 4 Black/Sheet Rock

Mesajde Ionzapada2 » Mar Noi 10, 2020 12:27 pm

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labagiu începător
labagiu începător
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